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  • Research Directions Research Directions

    development of new techniques/performant methods for the  analytical control of the pollution level...

  • Environmental technologies Environmental technologies

    research on modern processes for the advanced removal of hazardous/prioritary hazardous compounds fr...

  • Management Systems Management Systems

    1. Development of new instruments and data processing and interpretation in the environmental impact and ...

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  • INCD ECOIND is an institution of national and international interest in the field of environmental research and services, with over 30 years experience; the institute is certified by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for pollution assessment; the institute has implemented and certified a QMS according to ISO 9001:2008 - BUREAU VERITAS and ISO14001:2004 – OSCert. Pollution Control Department is accredited according to the requirements of SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 – RENAR and meets the requirements of the referential SR CE/TS 15675:2009 the measurement of emissions and imissions polutants; and is certified by the Ministry of Public Health for monitoring of drinking water quality; aquatic ecotoxicity studies (lethal toxicity from fish) are made in accordance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

    INCD ECOIND personnel consist of highly qualified specialists, most of them scientific researchers with various specializations, covering the multidisciplinarity of the field: chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, biotechnologists, biochemists, ecologists, hydro technologists, geographers, pedologists, physicists.

    INCD ECOIND is professionally equiped , at European level, for pollution control, pollution assessment and research of environmental technologies - laboratory and field equipment. The institute is permanently preoccupied to capitalize the results of completed research, through transfer to economical units/public authorities - partners in projects, as well as by a wide dissemination of the most important results. The dissemination is accomplished by specific tools: organizing workshops with interested parties, participation at national and international scientific events, publishing articles in technical magazines.

    The activity profile of INCD ECOIND, always adapted to the internal and external environment market requirements, contains essentially research and services in the environmental protection field - advanced and applicative research, mainly experimental activities focused on control, assessment, prevention and abatement of industrial pollution: pollution control through analyses of water, air, soil, waste, pollution assessment (impact, environmental balances/audits, ecological risk studies), environmental technologies (drinking water, industrial and municipal wastewater), environment-quality-occupational health and safety management, consultancy and training, formation, skills evaluation in the above-mentioned areas, technical expertise, technical assistance for implementation.