We are pleased to invite you at the 20th edition of International Symposium “Environment and Industry” that will be held in Bucharest, Romania, in the period 28-29 of September 2017. We already started the preparation of the symposium, planning to impress both new and regular participants.

The 20th International Symposium “Environment and Industry” aims to bring together scientists, professors, consultants representing research and educational organizations, economic units, environmental authorities from all over the world in order to exchange their results, propose potential solutions to environmental issues and to contribute to the integration of environmental dimension in the decision making process.

The 20th International Symposium “Environment and Industry” aims to:

  • Provide a platform for experience sharing among the environmental scientists
  • Give opportunities for future co-operation in the field of environmental protection
  • Strengthen the role of multidisciplinary research in solving environmental issues at local, regional or global level
  • Identify new research directions in the field of environmental protection
  • Disseminate research results within the scientific and economic communities
  • Provide a discussion forum on the latest developments in the field of environmental protection

All presented papers will be included in the symposium proceedings book that will be submitted for indexation to international scientific databases.

Main topics of the symposium includes:

Sustainable environmental technologies

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Clean technologies with low energy inputs
  3. Water supply and sanitation
  4. Sludge management
  5. Soil remediation
  6. Wastewater treatment processes, technology and infrastructure. Wastewater reuse.
  7. Waste treatment and management. Advanced recycling technologies

Pollution assessment and management systems

  1. Assessment of water bodies quality – control of inorganic, organic, biological of water and sediment, microbiological contaminants
  2. Eco toxicological assessment studies
  3. Environmental risk assessment and health impact of contaminated sites
  4. Management of lands
  5. Management of health and occupational safety
  6. Management of environmental quality costs and security
  7. Risk assessment caused by waste disposal (gases emmisions, pollutants migration)
  8. Water quality, water use: standards, permitting

Pollution control and monitoring

  1. Air Sampling and Analytical Method Development and Evaluation
  2. Indoor air quality
  3. Odour assessment
  4. Industrial Noise and Vibration Control
  5. Biomarkers
  6. Contaminated sites (soil, sediment, surface water, groundwater, plants)
  7. Drinking water quality from source to consumer
  8. Ecological risk of dangerous substances
  9. Groundwater resources
  10. Industrial soil pollution (hazardous compounds)
  11. Pharmaceuticals in water, soil, waste
  12. Sampling and chemical analysis of wastes
  13. Wastewater quality

Other environmental topics

  1. Environmental economics
  2. Environmental legislation regarding water, air, biodiversity, land use, mineral resources and waste. EU, other countries and international legal frameworks, documents and procedures.

Therefore we kindly ask you to submit yours most recent and valuable research results in the field of environmental protection and also use this opportunity to expand your network of environmental professionals.
Apart from enriching your professional knowledge, this symposium will be an opportunity to discover a part of Europe that you may not know very well – Bucharest, the capital of Romania that used to be known as “Little Paris”.

We hope that you’ll positively answer to our invitation,

Welcome to Romania!