The institute activity is carried out in conformity with the Integrated QM and EM systems , SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Certificate Q-5364/20/26.05.2020) and SR EN ISO 14001:2015 (Certificate E-5364/20/26.05.2020). Also, it has been implemented the Occupational Health and Safety System according to the OHSAS referential SR ISO 45001:2018 (Certificate O-5364/20/26.05.2020and the Innovation Management System, according to reference SR 13572: 2016.

The institute is registered at the position 14 in the List of Expert who elaborate  environmental studies  (environmental reports, environmental impact studies, environmental balances, documentations for obtaining the integrated environmental authorization/certification and has the Authorization Certificate no. 248/17.12.2018. for the elaboration of technical documentations for obtaining the water management permits.

The analytical test laboratories from the Department of pollution control and the Laboratory for the Environmental analyses from Timisoara and Ramnicu Valcea Branch are RENAR certified, according to the referential SR EN ISO/ IEC 17025:2018 (Certification no. LI 941/15.12.2019).

The institute has Registration Certificate no.553/25.03.2019 emitted by the Ministry of Health, General Direction for Medical Assistance and Public Health for the sampling activities and monitoring and control of potable water quality ( valid until 24.03.2021).