Development of innovative and sustainable technologies/biotechnologies for treatment/ decontamination for advanced removal of nutrients, xenobiotics and priority substances for water/waste water with the following sub directions
Identification/reduction/removal of xenobiotics from potable water resources.
Experimental researches to minimize and control to form the intermediate disinsection sub-products in lines of drinking water treatment
processes of surface/ground water resources.
Innovative technologies for industrial and municipal waste waters with complex pollutants matrices.
Technologies based on advanced oxidation processes of the priority substances in aqueous systems.
Operational Researches regarding sequential bioreactors (SBR) with feeding systems variably adapted for high organic concentrations. Biotechnological modern solution for advanced decontamination of the waste water treatment by optimizing the control of biological oxide-reduction process in non-stationary regime operation in discontinuous (batch) sequential bio-reactors (SBR).

Promoting alternative technologies for retrofitting/modernization waste waters treatment/ decontamination plants
Integration of biotechnological processes in treatment lines of potable natural water resources with complex contamination.
Integration of photo-induced processes in the waste water treatment schemes in order to reduce the hazardous substances discharge impact on the environment.
Industrial and experimental research of the treatment innovative systems based on mixt granularmicroalgae sludge technologies.

Eco-nano-technologies based on physical-chemical processes and biological ones for the contaminated soil remediation
Biotechnologies for ex-situ remediation of organic products polluted soils (oil products, pesticides, etc.). Biotechnologies for in-situ remediation (phytoremediation) of hazardous organic products and heavy metals polluted soils. Development of alternative processes based on the chemical/electrochemical procedures to remediate the polluted soils with organic volatile compounds and heavy metals. Development of combined chemical and biological processes for remediation of oil and organoclorurated compounds polluted soils.

Recovery treatment technologies for wastes of organic origin from the waste water treatment flows.
Technologies of residual sludge pretreatment from the treatment plants to intensify the metanogenic process.
Biotechnologies for the residual organic sludge treatment from the municipal treatment plants to obtain combustible gases.
Technologies of post-treatment of residual fermented and dewatered sludge in order to reuse them as agricultural fertilizer.


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