Development and validation of combined techniques for the natural and anthropic pollutants removal in the potabilization processes of the ground water/surface water

Industrial Research for the identification/optimization of performant technological solutions waste water decontamination/ water treatment solutions, adequate to specific pollution matrices

– Water treatment tests for development/optimization of potabilization technologies ( ground water and surface resources)
– Development/Optimization waste water treatment (bio-) technologies
– Development/Optimization of (bio-) technologies for soil remediation
– Technological Validation – experimental verification of the performant decontamination/treatment/remediation technologies
– Technological Validation – theoretic validation through using modeling-simulation instruments

Development of technological solutions for the valorization of sludges from the potabilization/ decontamination plants

Diagnostic Analysis (direct control) for assessment of applied technologies efficiency for waste water decontamination /water treatment technologies

Alternative studies for the optimization of the functioning of the decontamination systems within a combined theoretical and practical approach through the use of modeling simulation instruments

Optimization/retrofitting/completion of existent technological flows: modification of the parameters of the decontamination/treatment plants/replacements/completion of the treatment reagents ( including new products testing), recommendation for replacement of equipments

Other Services:

Elaboration of the technical documentation for obtaining different permits (approvals and Authorizations for water use and water discharges)

Assessment “Cleaner Production” (planning & organizing, resources analysis & pollution causes, CP options based on BREF – BAT) for different industrial installations and the implementation of cleaner technologies

Strategic audits (SWOT analysis, Baldrige questionnaires) and models to accomplish and implement sustainable development of the organizations

Consultancy, technical assistance and expertise in the field


Department of Environmental Technologies & Technological Transfer
Head of Department: Lucian CONSTANTIN
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