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Department of Environmental Technologies & Technological Transfer
Head of Department: Olga TIRON
Phone: +4021 410 03 77 / 259

Services in the field of environmental pollution control and assessment, environmental technologies:

  • Development of combined procedures for removal of natural and anthropogenic pollutants in the drinking water obtaining processes using underground / surface water sources;
  • Industrial research to identify/optimize high-performance technological solutions for waste water treatment/water treatment for human consumption, suitable for the specific pollution matrix;
  • Development / assessment of technological solutions for the advanced use of sludge generated by wastewater treatment plants;
  • Diagnostic analysis (direct control) for evaluating the efficiency of technologies applied for water treatment/purification;
  • Study on alternatives for optimisation of wastewater treatment plants operation using combined practical and theoretical approach, modelling-simulation tools;
  • Optimization /upgrade / completion of existing technological flows: modification of operational parameters for wastewater / water treatment plants, replacements / additions of treatment reagents (including testing of new products), recommendations for equipment replacement/upgrade;
  • Cleaner Production assessment for various industrial installations and assistance for the implementation of clean technologies;
  • Carrying out strategic audits and developing models for the implementation of the sustainable development strategy of enterprises;
  • Experimental studies regarding the evaluation of the efficiency of various reagents / technologies for water treatment / wastewater treatment;
  • Analytical investigations for the development / application of environmental technologies;
  • Consultancy, technical assistance and provision of expertise in the field of environmental technologies;
  • Applying the principles of eco-efficiency and industrial symbiosis in approaching the corporate development of industrial operators;
  • Carrying out applied studies and researches in order to restructure, re-engineer, modernize enterprises, from the point of view of environmental protection, environmental costs and their sustainable development.