In present situation the necessity to observe the national legislation in the environmental protection field a special importance is represented by the generated pollution through the industrial activities and nonindustrial,researches being focused to realize:

Studies aiming to highlight the generated environmental effects by the industrial and non-industrial activities
-Evaluation of soil and vegetation with heavy metals in the area within intense car traffic
-Evaluation of anthropic pressures on the edaphic layer in urban environment.
-Elaboration of hydrodynamic ecological urban models for the wetland areas in the urban environment.
-The dynamics of the environmental aspects in the areas where significant environmental impact activities have been happened.
-Evaluation of groundwater pollution at regional scale (Geochemical studies of the ground waters with free level at regional scale
-The mobility of some priority dangerous substances in sediments from polluted river through the industrial anthropic activities.
-Assessment of induced risk by the gases emissions from soil/sub-soil in the anthropic polluted areas.
-Assessment of groundwater contamination in the area of mining tailing ponds

Development of some management methods/systems adequate for managing the pollutants emissions and natural resources conservation
– Studies regarding the application of management systems for managing specific wastes in the context of “zero wastes” strategy
– The development of new methods/methodologies for the assessment, prediction and management of pollution (methodology for the prediction of pollution concentration wave based on Rough Set Theory)
– Studies regarding the identification and establishing the adequate techniques to valorization the gaseous emissions from the municipal wastes deposits.
– The development of an integrated management system applicable to the industrial platform in the context of sustainable development of natural water resource in the area.
– Studies regarding the development of characterization method of industrial wastes.


Department for Evaluation, Monitoring Environmental Pollution
Head of Department: Alina CONSTANTIN
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