The necessity of permanent monitoring assessment of pollution sources and environmental components, in the context of legislative requirements specific aligned at the European ones has led to the environmental services orientation towards the pollution state expertise and elaboration/ application of complex monitoring scheme for establishing the pollution evolution in space and time.

I. in the legislative context of regulation of authorization of activity:

– assessment studies for the evaluation of environmental impact on projects from different activities scopes.
– environmental balance studies for the authorization, termination of activity, privatization
– assessment studies for ecological risk in the context of significant environmental impact activities
– environmental documentation for obtaining the integrated environmental authorization)

II. The analysis of generate gas composition in soil/sub-soil

III. The services realized in the field of industrial waste management consist of:
– waste characterization and of lechates in order to establish the deposit type where the waste can be accepted for final disposal – according to Ord. MMGA nr.95/2005
– waste quality assessment in order to establish their dangerousness and assigning codes according to Law nr.211/2011 and Ord. nr. 856/2002


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