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Assessment, monitoring, environmental pollution department
Head of Department: Adriana CUCIUREANU
Phone: +4021 410 03 77 / 246

Assessment of environmental pollution – authorization documents for industrial activities – waste management:

  • Environmental impact assessment studies for projects from various spheres of activity;
  • Environmental assessment studies for authorization, termination of activity, privatization, establishing environmental obligations;
  • Balances of organic solvents containing volatile organic compounds;
  • Elaboration of technical documentation for obtaining water management permits and authorizations;
  • Ecological risk assessment studies in the conditions of a significant impact on the environment;
  • Environmental documentation for obtaining integrated environmental authorizations;
  • Reports on the reference situation for sites that use, produce or emit hazardous substances relevant to the specific activities; Characterization of waste and related materials in order to establish the type of deposit where waste can be accepted for storage – according to Order MMGA no. 95/2005;
  • Evaluation of the quality of waste in order to establish the hazardousness and assign a waste code – according to Directive 98/2008 amended by Directive no. 851/2018, Emergency Ordinance no. 92/2021 and Government Decision no. 856/2002; Characterization of biodegradable waste for composting – according to Law 181/2020;
  • Analysis of hazardous waste for transport – according to Decision 1061/2008;
  • Physical-chemical characterization of solid/liquid fuels and combustible waste;
  • Granulometry determination of solid samples by sieving and sedimentation.