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Assessment, monitoring, environmental pollution departmentl
Head of Department: Adriana CUCIUREANU
Phone: +4021 410 03 77 / 246

Main research directions:

  • Impact assessment of industrial and non-industrial anthropogenic activities on surface water, groundwater and soil quality;
  • Development of integrated management methods/systems for the management of pollutant emissions and preservation of natural resources;
  • Ecological risk assessment for economic activities with a significant impact upon the environment;
  • Evaluation of soil and water environmental media in protected natural areas in order to establish reference geochemical thresholds;
  • Evaluation of the environmental components quality in the vicinity of non-compliant household waste deposits (functional and closed) and highlighting the evolution on a spatial-temporal scale;
  • Development of appropriate waste management systems and their hazard assessment;
  • Development of new methods for characterization and analysis of complex matrices of waste and fuels;
  • Development of new processes for the capitalization of some wastes by transforming them into secondary raw materials;
  • Development of new procedures for recovery of some useful components from mixed waste;
  • Development and validation of advanced methods for the quantification of rare metals in solid samples;
  • Laboratory-level technologies aiming to reduce the content of pollutants in wastewater using new functionalized materials;
  • Development of new methods for characterisation and analyse of alternative fuel matrices obtained from waste fractions with energy potential.