The department performs applied research in the field of environmental management, quality and occupational health and safety, food safety and in the standardization field.

The environmental, quality occupational health and safety, food safety management field
Taking into consideration the advantages brought to the organization by the implementation and certification of management systems for quality, environment, occupational health and safety, the team of department has performed a series of studies to develop/optimizing the methodologies that, on one side allow the design, documentation, implementation and evaluation of those management systems according to the referential standards and on the other side assure the instruction of the staff to manage the implemented systems.

The European System of Environmental Management and Audit EMAS
To meet the organizations needs that want to be registered according to the EMAS Regulation requirements methodological guides have been elaborated that guide/direct the organization in relation to the assessment and the way they should report their environmental performance:
– Guide for the evaluation of environmental performance for the Romanian organizations from industries,
– Reporting Guide for the environmental performance according to the EMAS III Regulation.

Standardization – standards from the ISO family and occupational standards
The members of the departments are part of national technical Committee for Standardization in the Environmental Protection field and participate at the technical meetings for analysis of the intentional standards in order to assimilate them in Romania and they assimilated partial or in totality the standards for management systems for quality and environment for translation and adaptation in Romanian.

The department has elaborated two occupational standards in the environmental protection field: Technician in environmental protection and Supervisor in Environmental Protection and has been participated to the elaboration and verification of 11 occupational standards from the environmental protection field.


Department of Management Systems
Head of Department: Virgil CRISTE
Phone: +40 21 410 03 77 / 152