Technical Assistance and Consultancy for development and implementation of management systems for Certification in conformity with reference standards

The specialist team from the department offers consultancy and technical assistance for design, documentation, implementation and assessment of management systems integrated or not: – of quality according to the referential SR EN ISO 9001, – of environment according with the referential SR EN ISO 14001, – of health and occupational health according to the referential SR OHSAS 18001, – of food safety according to the referential SR EN ISO 22000.

The audit of management systems in order to establish their conformity with referential standards
As the auditor of management systems the members of the departments perform at the beneficiary request audits of the management systems in order to establish the conformity with referential standards. As a general rule, those audits are performed for the assessment of the maturity stage of the system in order to be certified.

Environmental Audit
Environmental audit is performed at the beneficiary request in order to establish the conformity with the environmental legal requirements.

Environmental Analysis
Environmental Analyses are performed at the beneficiary, based on owned methodology elaborated within department, in order to identify the environmental aspects and the environmental impact assessment due to organization activities, products and services. Those analyses are performed as a general rule in order to implement the environmental management system.

Audit Analyses
Audit analysis is a complex process that analyzes the audited organization’s activities in relation to the used raw materials/materials in order to identify the dangerous contained substances that reach or possibly accidentally can reach in the sewage system subject to the Governmental Decision 351/2005 regulation.

Elaboration of prevention plan of accidental pollution necessary for obtaining the discharge permit

Training the staff in the field management systems based on department elaborate course materials

Staff training is performed through training programs elaborated in the conformity with occupational authorized standards by the National Authority for Qualifications

In the present the department has three training programs in the environmental protection field: Manager for Environmental Management System, Environmental Auditor and Environmental Responsible

EProfessional competency assessment in the environmental protection field in accordance to the occupational standard

In the institute has been organized and accredited ECOIND Center for Professional Competency Assessment for the occupation Environmental Responsible.

The department staff can perform the assessment competencies for the occupation: Manager for the Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Auditor and Environmental Responsible.

Consultancy for the development and implementation of the managerial control systems in public entities in conformity with the internal/managerial control standards requirements approved through Order 400/2015


Department of Management Systems
Head of Department: Oana Cătălina TACHE
Phone: +40 21 410 03 77 / 152