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Pollution Control Services

Water pollution control, soil pollution control, waste pollution control, air pollution control...

Environmental technologies and technology transfer

Treatability tests for the development/optimization of water treatment technologies...

Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Assessment

Studies for evaluation, analysis, industrial waste management...

Management System

Consultancy and technical assistance for the development of management systems...

Râmnicu Vâlcea Branch

Râmnicu Vâlcea Branch: Quality control of environmental components water, soil...

Timișoara Branch

Timișoara Branch: Pollution control of environmental components water, soil, sediment...
About Us


The institute has been established in 1977 through Decree No. 112 /197, under the name Institute of Research and Design for the Waste Waters Treatment – (Romanian Acronym ICPEAR for Institut de Cercetare pentru Epurare Ape Reziduale), under coordination of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, with Headquarters in Bucharest and one branch at Timisoara, afterwards, in 1982, a new second branch was founded in Ramnicu Valcea.

In 1991 the design department has been separated becoming S.C. IPROMED S.A. In those conditions the research department established its own tangible and intangible assets and continued to develop and enlarge its research areas, adding to its technical environmental applied research portfolio besides waste water treatment technologies also a broad range of environmental technical solutions targeting all environmental components: water, air, soil. This way, the expertise area was extended from environmental applications and solutions applied in Chemical Industry to the practical applied research solutions for a large majority of environmental issues generally targeting the industrial sector

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