Within the Branch have been initiated and realized research activities to solve the environmental issues induced mainly by the industrial activity namely:

Integrated Investigation methodologies for the environmental risk assessment based on pollution indices that offer fundamental information regarding the risk for the environment and human health as decisional basis for taking the necessary measures to diminish/remove it

Evaluation of the pollution impact with priority dangerous substances from anthropic activities on the ecosystems soil, water/sediments ( mainly organo-clorurated substances, heavy metals, oil products)

Elaboration of new electrochemical methods/methodologies for quick determination of heavy metal concentration in aqueous media

Integrated Water Management at the urban conurbation level based on sustainable management concept of the water (SUWM)


INCD-ECOIND Râmnicu Vâlcea Branch
Branch Manager: Catalin MANEA
Phone: +40 / 3457
E-mail: valcea@incdecoind.ro