The applied research initiated and developed within the branch represents an answer to the EU requirements and can be grouped in the following these directions:

The applied research studies/solution studies in order to elaborate and optimize technologies for municipal and industrial waste waters treatment /water treatment in order to achieve drinking water quality for rendering surface and groundwater

Elimination of pharmaceuticals refractory compounds from the industrial and municipal used waters (diclofenac, ibuprofen and naproxen) by application of advanced electrochemical oxidation, and of the combined electrochemical and photo-catalytic processes, obtaining industrial pharmaceutical fluents meeting the discharge conditions into the sewage system.

Reduction of concentrations/elimination of fluoride and arsenic ions from ground water by electro-coagulation process as step in process of rendering the water to meet the drinking standards.

Phytoremediation studies of the anthropic or natural polluted fields (slug and ashes dumps form coal based energy plants, oil contaminated fields), at the laboratory or pilot scale, in order to elaborate experimental technologies or models that can be experimented and transferable at the industrial level)

Recovery treatment technologies for industrial waste with the recovery of useful products


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