The branch covers a large range of services linked to the pollution control of the environment respectively:

The pollution control of the environmental components: water, soil, sediments, sludge, wastes through the identification of pollutants, establishing the sampling points/frequency, caring out the sampling and the physical-chemical analyses specific for each environmental factor.

Periodic Monitoring of the environmental quality components water ( potable, groundwater, surface and waste water), soil, sludge, sediments depending of the impose functions imposed by the environmental authorities to each economic agent (RENAR accredited methods for the physical-chemical parameters included in the NTPA norms 001; NTPA 002; HG 1038 /2010; Law 458 /2002; HG 1020/2005; OD 161/2006; HG 459/2002; STAS 9450/1988; HG 202/2002; OD 119/1024; HG 449/2013; OD757/1992; OD 344/2004).

Analytical Investigation for establishing the decontamination efficiency of the municipal decontamination plants

Performing of the analytical control of the water influent/effluent and of the sludge samples, to the physical-chemical interest parameters for each decontamination plant
Documentation for environmental regulations /different kind of environmental permits (authorizations):
– environment report for plans and programs;
– environmental impact assessment for activities/new production capacities or extension of some existent activities/capacities;
– environment balances for the authorization, activity termination, privatization;
– environmental documentation for obtaining the integrated environmental permit (authorization);
– technical assistance, consultancy, expertise in the field of environmental legislation and fulfilling the environmental obligations of the economic agents;
– assessment pollution report on sites and contamination fields.


INCD-ECOIND Timișoara Branch
Branch Manager : Sorina NEGREA
Phone: +40 256 220 369