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Air pollution control laboratory
Head of Laboratory: Simona CĂLINESCU
Phone: +40 21 410 03 77 / 132

Main research directions:

  • The development/implementation/application of high-performance, high-sensitivity methods that allow the identification and quantification of small concentrations of metals present in micronized powders;
  • Identification, development and validation of new methods for evaluating air quality from the point of view of odor emissions, especially emissions due to surface and volume diffuse sources;
  • Evaluation of the level of chemical and noise pollution through direct measurements and/or mathematical modeling, as follows:
    – research on ambient air quality through mathematical modeling of the dispersion of pollutants in the air;
    – studies regarding the assessment of the level of noise pollution by developing sound wave dispersion maps;
    – research on the evaluation of the level of mechanical vibrations due to various activities adjacent to inhabited areas;
  • Evaluation of the level of odor and olfactory discomfort due to technological processes generating compounds with unpleasant odors;
  • Research on the quantification of airborne allergens (plant pollen), by applying biomarker techniques, with the aim of evaluating air quality and its influence on quality of life – aerobiological monitoring;
  • Studies to verify the validity of the results of measurements of automatic analyzers by comparison with reference methods;
  • Research on the use of waste (from the textile and leather industry) to obtain sound-absorbing composite materials.