• development of new techniques/performant methods for the  analytical control of the pollution level of water, air, soil, sediment and wastes with different cathegories of pollutants, including with dangerous substances;
  • elaboration of modern methods/methodologies and /or optimization of existing national analytical standard methods in the field of biology, bacteriology and eco-toxicology, in view to compliance with European Union regulations (EN, ISO, OECD norms);
  • elaboration/implementation of biochemical methods for enzimatic analysis used for assuring:

-the control of viability and functional state of the activated sludge used as inocul in

biological treatment instalations;

-evaluation of the toxic effects generated by chemical substances/products on microbian

activity from soil and/or aquatic organisms.

  • analytical investigation on potable water quality from raw water to consumer;
  • hydrobiological studies for monitoring of the ecological diversity of aquatic ecosystems and development of management plans for the natural capital sustenability;
  • evaluation of the impact produced by industrial pollution on biotic components of the aquatic ecosystems and estimation of the ecological risk for surface water;
  • elaboration of modern methodologies for characterization /physical-chemical and biological classification of solid and liquid wastes;
  • studies concerning greenhouse effects of gas emissions; performance of characteristic parameters for solid and liqhid wastes;
  • studies for mathematical modeling of polltants despersion in air and of the noise level.